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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Push Mandriva One Final ISO Released On Public FTP Mirrors

Push Mandriva One final ISO on public FTP mirrors. They includes all the updates and the latest kernel 2.6.12-19mdk. 4 CDs depending of the language, americas_western_europe, eastern_europe, central_europe and asia_africa

What is Mandriva One?

Live & Install CD
Everything for your office work, Internet and multimedia
Unmatched stability and hardware recognition

Mandriva One brings you a top-notch operating system and best-in-class software applications, all on one CD! Simply insert the Mandriva One CD in your CD-ROM drive to launch the system and access office, Internet and multimedia tools, with no need to install. Later, if you choose to, a few clicks are all that's needed to install Mandriva One onto your hard drive, along with any files you created while in Live mode!

Get the ISo image here Mandriva-One-Americas-Western-Europe-2006-CD.iso (659MB, MD5).

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