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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

BeleniX 0.4.3a with JDK 1.5 released

BeleniX 0.4.3a with JDK 1.5 released !

Download BeleniX 0.4.3a Now !

Another release of the LiveCD this month. The significant feature of this release is the inclusion
of JDK 1.5 under the new Distributors License for Java (DLJ) as announced by SUN on May 16th in
JavaOne. See the JDK Distros Project for more details.

  1. As above JDK 1.5 has been included in the CD. However due to a licensing issue with a required SUN Studio C++ runtime library it is currently an installable bundle and does not execute off the LiveCD. This is expected to be resolved soon. The JDK bundle gets installed once BeleniX gets installed to harddisk. The required LibC patch is also downloaded and installed automatically if you have a network conection.

  2. Fixed installer bugs that caused a few troubles after installation

  3. Used the 7Zip compression technique to schieve greater compression ratio while keeping the Zlib format instact. The p7zip port is used to compress an archive in native LZMA format that reduce the archive size from 20MB to 16MB. A modified version from Advancecomp package is used to compress the CDROM filesystem to achive 1.5% extra compression while retaining the Zlib format.

  4. Re-Compressed the compressed 45MB JDK 1.5 bundle using p7zip and it reduces the archive size by 5MB !

  5. The above coupled with the removal of less used software like Graphviz and Tcl/Tk allowed us to fit in the 40MB JDK bundle on the CDROM

  6. Included a sort list for the overall CDROM ISO image so that loading of the initial GRUB menu is now faster.

  7. A bunch of installer changes to allow installing the new JDK 1.5 install bundle

  8. A new script /usr/bin/setup_jdk is provided to install the JDK (after harddisk install of BeleniX) in the event that the libC patch has to be manually downloaded. See How to Setup the JDK for more details.

  9. Added one more missing function to the ported FreeBSD math library that makes it more compatible with SUN math library

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