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Friday, May 12, 2006

AJAX Ruby on Rails Subversion (SVN) Browser today just released the first version of their web-based SVN browser, written in Ruby on Rails, under the GNU GPL license. Now you can browse your code repository with all the trendiness of a Web 2.0 application.

For bsSvnBrowser to work, you will need the following software installed:

Ruby on Rails: You will need Ruby on Rails 1.1 or later. Instructions can be found on Ruby on Rails’s site.
Subversion Ruby Bindings: You will need to have the ruby bindings from subversion 1.3.x (which requires SWIG). Instructions can be found in a variety of places (if you’re running ubuntu dapper or debian testing then “apt-get install libsvn-ruby” is all you need).

Component or Full?
They offer two release types of bsSvnBrowser. The component release is designed to be incorporated into an existing ruby on rails application (for example at /svn). The full version is designed to run as a stand alone Ruby on Rails application (essentially it’s an empty Ruby on Rails project with the component release installed). Once you’ve decided and downloaded the release you want, you should head over to the installation instructions

The download page is here (

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