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Monday, May 15, 2006

CentOS 4 i386 Live CD Released

CentOS The CentOS Development team has announced the availability of the first CentOS 4 i386 Live CD.
This CD is based on the CentOSPlus Kernel and the CentOS-4.3 i386distribution.It can be used a Workstation, with the following software:

Open Office 1.1.2
Evolution 2.0.2
Gimp 2.0.5
k3b 0.11.14 (for burning CDs and DVDs)
Gaim 2.0.0
xchat 2.4.0

Built in support for the NVIDIA and ATI proprietary drivers.

It is also a great recovery / rescue tool containing the following:Read / write access to XFS, JFS, ext3, ext2, NTFS, reiserfs.LVM2 graphical tool

GNU Parted CLI partition tool

QtParted GUI partition tool

PartImage partition imager

EVMS Enterprise volume management

smb4K GUI SMB tool

ClamAV < for virus scanning

chkrootkit for finding potential root kits

MemTest86+ < memory testerSystem Log Viewer

The CentOS-4.3 i386 Live CD is available for download from the following mirrors

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