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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Historical Sounds In MP3 Format

Some very cool free historical sounds in MP3 Format

Get the files from the site here

Below is just a partial list of what is available

Apollo 11 - The Eagle Has Landed
Apollo 11 - One Small Step For Man
Apollo 13 - Houston We Have a Problem
Fidel Castro - Cuban Revolution
Fidel Castro - We Have The Power
Neville Chamberlain - Meeting With Hitler
Winston Churchill - Finest Hour
Thomas Edison - Electricity and Progress
Albert Einstein - E=mc^2
Al Gore - Internet
Adolf Hitler - Announcement of his death
Adolf Hitler - War Declaration
Lyndon Johnson - All Men Are Equal
John F. Kennedy - Cuban Missile Crisis
John F. Kennedy - Announcement that he had been shot
John F. Kennedy - Announcement of his death
Pearl Harbor Attack - BBC Announcement
Pearl Harbor Attack - CBS Announcement
Pearl Harbor Attack - NBC Announcement
Josef Stalin - Address
Josef Stalin - Fight Fascists
Margaret Thatcher - Falkland Islands
President Truman - Atomic Bombing of Japan
President Truman - Threatening Japan
Woodrow Wilson - 1915 Speech to Indians

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