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Monday, May 15, 2006

FLOSS Podcast 5: Miguel de Icaza (Father Of The Mono Project)

The latest FLOSS podcast is on
This is probably the best FLOSS podcast so far. Leo Laporte and Chris DiBona are interviewing the charismatic co-creator of the GNOME desktop, founder of Ximian, and father of the controversial Mono Project, designed to port dot-Net to Linux.

The 4 books mentioned in the podcast are:
The Soul of a New Machine - by Tracy Kidder
Startup - by Jerry Kaplan
Show Stopper! - by G. Pascal Zachary
High Stakes, No Prisoners - by Charles Ferguson

You can get the podcast here

What is Mono?
Mono, the open source development platform based on the .NET framework, allows developers to build Linux and cross-platform applications with improved developer productivity. Mono's .NET implementation is based on the ECMA standards for C# and the Common Language Infrastructure

Sponsored by Novell, the Mono project has an active and enthusiastic contributing community. Mono includes both developer tools and the infrastructure needed to run .NET client and server applications. It is positioned to become the leading choice for development of Linux applications.

Mono includes compilers, an ECMA-compatible runtime engine (the Common Language Runtime, or CLR), and many libraries. The libraries include Microsoft .NET compatibility libraries (including ADO.NET, System.Windows.Forms and ASP.NET), Mono's own and third party class libraries.Gtk# (, a set of .NET bindings for the gtk+ toolkit and assorted GNOME libraries can be found in the latter. This library allows you to build fully native Gnome application using Mono and includes support for user interfaces built with the Glade interface builder. Furthermore, Mono's runtime can be embedded into applications for simplified packaging and shipping. In addition, the Mono project offers an IDE (, Debugging, and a documentation browser.

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