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Monday, May 22, 2006

FLOSS 6 Podcast: Larry Augustin

This week FLOSS Weekly guest is Larry Augustin, the visionary who helped move Linux into the mainstream and is now working on the next step in open source: big enterprise software.

Larry Augustin was a grad student at Stanford when he started VA Linux - now VA Software. The company went public in December 1999, opening at $30 a share and closing at $238.25, a 698 percent increase on the first day of trading, making Larry a billionaire on paper. VA went on to create Sourceforge, and fund OSDN and Slashdot. Today Larry is on the forefront of open source software for the enterprise. He's on the board of open source companies like Zend, Fonality, Hyperic, Jboss, MedSphere, SugarCRM, and Pentaho. We talked with him about the history of VA Software, why he started Sourceforge and OSDN, and the future of software.

Read Larry's article on Open Source software in the Enterprise here.

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