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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Terabit Fiber On The Way

A Japanese company has developed technology to transmit a two-hour movie in 0.5 seconds, the world's fastest speed achieved with fibre-optic cables in the field, it says.

Kansai Electric used fibre-optic cables on power-transmitting steel towers to achieve the speed of one terabit per second, which is more than 100 times faster than inter-city data transmissions currently in use, a spokesman says.

The company, Japan's second-largest power supplier, has not decided when to put the technology into practical use but says it is possible that it would come in 2010 or later.

Japanese company claims fibre-optic data transfer record

Friday, October 28, 2005

Naked Janet Jackson Video

Another celebrity caught. This time it's Janet Jackson and there is no wardrobe malfunction or Justin Timberlake nearby to rip anything off. Does she have a new album coming out soon is this just publicity? Who knows get the whole story here

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

King Kong (Kong Is King)

I can't wait for this movie it will open December 14th. I have been following everything on I think Peter Jackson is brilliant; the idea of sharing all of the stuff he is doing with the world instead of hiding it in secrecy is just so cool. Of course you know how the movie will end but that doesn’t matter I want to see this movie for the special effects if nothing else. If Gollum is an indication then King Kong is going to look amazing. 48 more days and the fun begins……

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The White Stripes- Get Behind Me Satan

This for me is the Best rock CD of 2005, It is like you are listening to a CD made in the 60’s. It is completely different from what they have done till now. My favorite song is My Doorbell. This reminds me of when Led Zeppelin came out with III. You will listen to this album and before you know it its over, there are no bad songs at all on this album, every song is brilliant. Rock and Roll at its best, go to Amazon for more reviews or listen to the songs

Monday, October 24, 2005

Raining Cats And Dogs

This weather is just unbelievable; this is the wettest October on record. Fall is my favorite season, it’s not hot anymore and the days are getting shorter. It’s perfect weather to go for a run outside. Well the weather this year just plain sucks I feel like I am back in Amsterdam again, one of the reasons I left the Netherlands was the amount of rainfall in a year. I remember the first time I came to the USA, it rained something like 10 times the whole year, and I loved it. Now I am back in Amsterdam again (sort of)…..oh well I hope next year is better

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Avian Flu: Pandemic In The Making?

Avian Flu hits Croatia, Sweden and Great Britain. So is this going to spread all the way to the US and the rest of the world? The case in Britain involved a parrot from Surinam (South America). Right now no humans have been killed in Europe and the disease can not jump from person to person.
There are 6 stages of pandemic

Inter Pandemic Period
I Influenza-virus subtype may be present in animals
II Animal subtype poses substantial risk of human disease

Pandemic-Alert Period
III Human infection(s) but no human to human spread
IV Small cluster(s) with limited human to human transmissions
V Larger cluster(s) but spread still localized

Pandemic Period
VI Pandemic: Increased and sustained transmission in general population

One thing to keep in mind: the ‘Spanish flu’ of 1918 killed at least 50 million people world-wide. Are we on the same path here………………….

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Google Interview Questions (They Are Hiring)

Google's profit increased seven-fold. Do you want to work there? Well here are 2 questions that they asked a friend of mine. What would you answer?

1. You have been shrunk down to the size of a nickel and tossed into a blender. You are told that the blender blades will start in 60 seconds.What would you do to save your life?

2. Design and describe a system/application that will most efficiently produce a report of the top 1 million Google search requests.These are the particulars.

* You are given 12 servers to work with. They are all dual-processor machines with 4Gb of RAM, 4x400GB hard drives and networked together.(Basically, nothing more than high-end PC's)

* The log data has already been cleaned for you. It consists of 100 Billion log lines, broken down into 12 320 GB files of 40-byte search terms per line.

* You can use only custom written applications or available free open-source software.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Sex Tape

There is a rumor going around the internet that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have made a sex tape while Britney was pregnant. They suspect one of the crew members has made a copy and will sell it to an adult company. I don’t understand these celebrities at all, don’t they learn? Look at Pamela Anderson, Vince Neil, Fred Durst and others. If you make it there is a good change someone will steal/copy it. Unless it’s done for publicity………..

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Property Taxes

Why did my property taxes go up 25% last year?
What would be the reason for that? I have examined the bill and the bulk of the money goes to the school district. Now did they hire a lot more teachers, have new programs, got rid of all the junk food and got all healthy food in the cafetarias now? no,no,no!!!
But some principles have a $40000 car with a driver. Wait maybe all those cars had to be replaced this year and that's where all the money went
Mmmm maybe
And what the hell does a freeholder do? I did a search and still don't know
Well that's enough for today