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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Morfik Defends JST (Javascript Synthesis Technology) Against GWT (Google Web Toolkit)

A couple of weeks ago Google released its Google Web Toolkit (GWT) and almost immediately there were rumors of an alliance between Google and Morfik, the Web OS vendor which has a Javascript converter as one of its main products. The reason? GWT bore more than a casual resemblance to Morfik.

GWT is basically a Java-to-Javascript translator. Programmers can write their front end in the Java programming language and the GWT compiler converts the Java classes "to browser-compliant JavaScript and HTML". Morfik has a similar product called JST (Javascript Synthesis Technology), which was shown off at the last Web 2.0 Conference in October 2005. It turns out there is a patent pending on Morfik's JST and today they issued a press release in defence of it. In the press release they describe JST as follows: "JST allows developers to use a high-level language of choice and have it compiled directly and seamlessly to JavaScript."

What triggered this press release appears to be the release of GWT a couple of weeks ago. At that time rumors of a partnership between Google and Morfik proved to be false. The press release seems to imply that Google may've infringed on Morfik's IP

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