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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

CSS Library Site

A very cool site, check it out

From their site: "I'm very excited to announce the launch of a new section here on Dynamic Drive- Dynamic Drive CSS Library! Since our site was first launched in 1998, we've always strived to have our two feet planted in the real world as we provide practical, usable DHTML scripts for your site. Like any technology, the definition of DHTML has been evolving over the past few years, with one component of DHTML- CSS- really maturing. What was once possible only through scripting can now sometimes be accomplished with CSS alone, especially basic menu interfaces. In these cases, it makes sense to resort to CSS to accomplish the desired task, as CSS generally translates into lighter, easier to maintain, and more search engine friendly code.

We recongize the increasing importance CSS plays in your site, and we want to be there to offer practical, usable CSS codes just as we have with DHTML scripts. And with that said, our CSS Library is born. The new section is designed with you in mind, with an emphasis on CSS menu codes, all laid out in an easy to follow, categorized fashion. Easily highlight and copy the source code, or expand it to view it in its entirety. And as always, the codes are completely free to use on both personal and commerical web sites based on similar usage terms as our DHTML scripts'.

So what's next, apart from continuing to work on the DHTML and now new CSS code libraries? Well, for the later, there are also plans to build up the new Blog Area, which includes possibily getting a few people to write for it. You can also expect CSS code contests periodically, where we'll be offering prizes to the best CSS code submitted. And then there are some crucial features we'd like to add to the CSS Library, such as the ability to rate each code etc."

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Bug said...

Very cool, this'll come in handy! Great blog btw :o)