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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

FLOSS Weekly Podcast 4: chromatic

The latest FLOSS podcast is available on This Week In Tech
This week, geek out with core Perl 6 developer, chromatic...

chromatic is the technical editor of the O'Reilly Network, specializing in programming, Linux®, and open source development. He's also been known to evangelize to his co-workers toward better development practices, being the author of Extreme Programming Pocket Guide and the co-author of Perl Testing: A Developer's Notebook.

chromatic has occasionally produced startling numbers of test suites -- and a few testing modules -- for projects including Perl 5, Perl 6, Pugs, and Parrot. Someday, he'd like to claim some responsibility for improving the quality of all software, by writing articles, producing good code, giving interesting talks, and developing better tools.

He lives just west of Portland, Oregon with two cats, a creek in his backyard, and a park one house over. It's too late for him to choose a more realistic-sounding pen name.

Special Guest: Brad Fitzpatrick of Live Journal

Perl 6
Pugs (Perl in Haskell)
Perl Pumpkings
The Parrot virtual machine
Ponie is perl 5 on Parrot
Brad talks about why Danga is excited about Perl 6
For really clean Perl code, use Bleach, written by the second smartest man in Australia, Damian Conway

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