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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sopranos Google Map

I must admit I did miss the Sopranos, you just don't realize it until you start watching the show again. So Tony Soprano got shot by his uncle Junior. And of course they don't show the scenes for next week's episode since then you would know if he died or not. Well of course he didn't die, how can there be a Sopranos show without James Gandolfini. All in all this was a good episode (number 66 'Members Only') Johnny "Sack" Sacramoni is in jail. Baccala and Janice have a kid. some guy who wins 2 million dollars and tries to get out of the mob but can't ends up hanging himself. But the best part is thet when Tony is at his uncle's house and his uncle calls for him he pretends he is someone else and then uncle Junior shoots him and it ends with Anthony Soprano laying on the floor passing out

HBO has some interesting stuff on their website taks a look at Sopranos Google Maps

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