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Thursday, March 16, 2006

GNOME 2.14 Released

GNOME 2.14 is the latest version of the popular, multi-platform free desktop environment, providing all the tools a user needs for everyday work, and a platform for developers to write new software.

GNOME's focus is ease of use, stability, and first class internationalization and accessibility support, so that GNOME and its applications are usable by anyone, anywhere. GNOME runs on a variety of platforms, including GNU/Linux (commonly called Linux), Solaris, HP-UX, BSD and Apple's Darwin. Work has been done in this release to make it easier to port GNOME tools to Windows as well.

The GNOME Desktop is released every six months with many new features, improvements, "bug" fixes and translations. GNOME 2.14 continues this tradition and includes many interesting new features and fixes for hundreds of reported bugs. To learn more about GNOME and the qualities that distinguish it from other computer desktop environments (like usability, accessibility, internationalization and freedom) visit the About GNOME page.

The GNOME 2.14 release contains all of the applications needed to provide basic user functionality including system menus, file management, web browsing and email. It also includes lots of common accessories like a calculator, dictionary, document reader, image viewer, multimedia player, text editor and UNIX terminal emulator. Thanks to its excellent developer platform, many other excellent Free and Open Source applications are also available for GNOME, included but not limited to Abiword, a fully featured word processor; Gnumeric, a powerful spreadsheeting application; the GNU Image Manipulation Program, a popular image editor similar to Photoshop; and Inkscape, a flexible vector graphics application.

You can find out about these and other great GNOME applications from the GNOME Project Listing or

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