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Monday, March 27, 2006

Open Source Backup Tool Amanda 2.5 Released By Zmanda

Amanda is the most popular Open Source Backup and Archiving software that protects thousands of production servers running various versions of Linux, UNIX, Mac OS-X and Microsoft Windows operating systems worldwide.

The key reasons for wide adoption of Amanda are:
Amanda simplifies the life of a System Administrator who can easily set up a single server to back up multiple networked clients to a tape- or disk-based storage system.
Amanda provides the unique capability of writing backups to tape and disk simultaneously. The very same data could be available on-line for quick restores from disk and off-site for disaster recovery and long term retention.

Since Amanda does not use proprietary device drivers, any device supported by an operating system works well with Amanda. The System Administrator does not have to worry about breaking support for a device when upgrading Amanda.

Amanda uses native dump and/or GNU tar utilities. Since there are no proprietary formats, in case of emergency, data could be recovered with native utilities even without Amanda having been installed.

Unique scheduler optimizes backup level for different clients in such a way that total backup time is about the same for every backup run. Amanda frees the System Administrators from having to guess the rate of data change in their environments.

Amanda is stable and robust because of high-quality code (see report by Coverity).

Amanda project has a large and productive community that grows every day.

Amanda 2.5.0 adds strong security and improves scalability:
Support for Kerberos 4/5 and OpenSSH ensures secure communications between Amanda server and clients. Secure communication API allows customized security solutions.
Media can be encrypted with Symmetric or Asymmetric algorithms (aesutil or gpg).

Backup (dump) images can span multiple media volumes increasing the amount of data that can be protected in a single backup run.

Customized compression can be used for making the best match between hardware resources and data, e.g. one type of custom compression can be used for images and another for text files.

Auto labeling for tapes simplifies backup to disk with virtual tapes.

Amanda 2.5.0 server is compatible with Amanda 2.4.5 clients. System Administrators can start with upgrading Amanda server and then roll out upgrades to clients without interruptions to backup operations.

Download Amanda here


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