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Monday, March 27, 2006

Python: wxPython in Action

If you add the powerful wxWidgets toolkit to Python, you get wxPython: an open source GUI framework with a well-deserved reputation for simplicity and ease of use. wxPython lets you build cross-platform applications that have robust, highly functional graphical user interfaces.

The first book on the subject, wxPython in Action offers a friendly tutorial to get you started, a detailed guide to best practices, and an extensive reference for wxPython’s large widget library. It covers an impressive amount of information delivered at a measured pace, encouraging experimentation and learning by doing.

The book’s direct, no-nonsense style makes for an easy introduction to the concepts. It offers a complete discussion of when, why, and how to use the many widgets in the toolkit. And it includes dozens of handy reference tables so you can easily look up object properties, methods, and events. Co-authored by wxPython creator Robin Dunn, wxPython in Action is the authoritative book on the subject

What's inside?
Create professional GUIs with wxPython
Program in an event-oriented framework
Use wxPython sizers for your layout
Refactor and unit test to improve your programs
A reference to wxPython’s powerful widget set

Chapter 1 Welcome to wxPython
Chapter 2 Giving your wxPython program a solid foundation
Chapter 3 Working in an event-driven environment
Chapter 4 Making wxPython easier to handle with PyCrust
Chapter 5 Creating your blueprint
Chapter 6 Working with the basic building blocks
Chapter 7 Working with the basic controls
Chapter 8 Putting widgets in frames
Chapter 9 Giving users choices with dialogs
Chapter 10 Creating and using wxPython menus
Chapter 11 Placing widgets with sizers
Chapter 12 Manipulating basic graphical images
Chapter 13 Building list controls and managing items
Chapter 14 Coordinating the grid control
Chapter 15 Climbing the tree control
Chapter 16 Incorporating HTML into your application
Chapter 17 The wxPython printing framework
Chapter 18 Using other wxPython functionality

The Amazon link is here

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