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Sunday, March 05, 2006

Results of the GUI and Functionality Design Competition for KOffice 2.0

The jury has been very pleased to receive a large number of high-quality, innovative and fun entries. Entries varied from rethinking the entire work flow for office workers to a careful analysis of the weak points of the current general practice, with wonderful and weird ideas on the text-entry process in between. It turns out that it is possible to find new directions for Office software.

Some general trends were clear across the entries: a palette-based interface was a recurring theme, for instance. That's something we've seen before in the Adobe applications or on NeXTStep, but not generally applied to Office software. Something to be considered for KOffice 2.0! Not all suggestions were entirely practical or even feasible, but that was exactly the intention of this competition: to break through the familiar mold and get fresh ideas.

The decision was quite hard, but in the end the jury was in complete agreement:

The winner is Martin Pfeiffer, for his thorough and innovative rethinking of the entire process of creating and working with documents and tools. Manik Chand Patnaik deserves an honourable mention as runner-up for his meticulous analysis of the way office software could work better. Dennis Pennekamp deserves to be mentioned for his innovative and fun proposal to use Krita and KPresenter together to podcast comics -- which was only one of his many really innovative ideas.

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