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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Trump, 'penis patch' dominate 2005 spam

Ads mentioning real estate tycoon Donald Trump and those hawking "Penis Patch" body enhancements were among the top 10 junk e-mails in 2005, according to America Online.
Noticeably absent? Porn.
"Porn is passe when it comes to spam," Nicholas Graham, an AOL spokesman said.
Sexually suggestive e-mails took another tumble this year after slipping in popularity last year.
More than a half-trillion junk e-mails, known as spam, were blocked by AOL filters, slightly above 2004 levels, the company said. The number of junk e-mails reported by AOL's 26 million members worldwide has declined about 75 percent since 2003.


Jeffw said...

Trump wears a penis patch? That's old news -- everyoneon the Apprentice including the males knew that years ago.

SQL said...

And he keeps the penis patch hidden in his 'hair'.
Why else would he have such 'hair'