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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Foundations Of Ajax, Ajax In Action

Here are 2 Ajax books that came out recently. Both are very good and we use them at the place where I work.You can click on the images to go to Amazon to read some reviews about them in case you are interested in learning this new technology.

Ajax In Action
Web users are getting tired of the traditional web experience. They get frustrated losing their scroll position; they get annoyed waiting for refresh; they struggle to reorient themselves on every new page. And the list goes on. With asynchronous JavaScript and XML, known as "Ajax," you can give them a better experience. Once users have experienced an Ajax interface, they hate to go back. Ajax is new way of thinking that can result in a flowing and intuitive interaction with the user. Ajax in Action helps you implement that thinking--it explains how to distribute the application between the client and the server (hint: use a "nested MVC" design) while retaining the integrity of the system. You will learn how to ensure your app is flexible and maintainable, and how good, structured design can help avoid problems like browser incompatibilities. Along the way it helps you unlearn many old coding habits. Above all, it opens your mind to the many advantages gained by placing much of the processing in the browser. If you are a web developer who has prior experience with web technologies, this book is for you.
What's Inside
Ajax principles Why Ajax design patterns matter How to avoid Ajax pitfalls Examples of Ajax in action: type-ahead suggest, live searching using XSL, and many more. Examples using Ajax frameworks: Prototype, Scriptaculous, x and Rico Ajax usability, security, and performance

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Foundations of Ajax
Ajax burst onto the Web development scene by offering highly interactive, desktop-like Web applications that can be deployed through any modern Web browser without the need for special plug-ins. Ajax is built on existing Web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, and CSS, and it is used in conjunction with your favorite server-side language. Foundations of Ajax explains how to combine these technologies effectively to implement Ajax into your new or existing Web applications. Like you, we are developers who are “in the trenches,” tasked with building Web-enabled applications that provide real value to our customers. As the Web continues to grow, the demand for more expressive and engaging interfaces will continue to increase

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Get the book and some reviews here

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