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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Blogger Announce Press Plagiarist Of The Year Award.

The BBC is reporting that certain bloggers, fed up of seeing their work just lifted by the mainstream press, have created The Press Plagiarist Of The Year award. Examples are given of national newspapers simply cutting and pasting entire articles from web sites and passing them off as their own."
By taking the mickey out of bloggers (weblog research is referred to as "Googling investigative reporting") and itself (in the spirit of transparent corruption, nominees can have themselves removed by paying in the form of the fancy wine Chateau Margaux), it's actually a spot of much-needed fun in the often-tiresome war between old and new media.
And if you want to choose between the stolen stories of dead dogs, political gossip and "eyewitness accounts", the nominations are still open. Vote often!


Alan Connor said...

You gotta keep the strikethrough < s > and < / s > tags around "Googling" to keep the joke there!

SQL said...

I have updated the post