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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pro Ajax and Java Frameworks

As a Java developer, you want a guide that shows you how to add Ajax functionality to your web applications with a minimum of effort. Well look no further than Pro Ajax and Java Frameworks. In this book, recognized Java experts and authors of the best-selling Apress title, Foundations of Ajax, will show you how.

The authors begin by recapping Ajax basics. Then they unveil a comprehensive Java/Ajax toolkit. Tools include JSEclipse for code editing, Venkman for JavaScript debugging, and Dojo Compressor for code compression. They also explain Log4js (and other tools) for JavaScript logging, JsUnit (and others) for testing, and various libraries like AjaxTags, DWR, and for rapid code development.

The last part of the book shows you how to build up a series of professional Java/Ajax applications. These will incorporate some of today’s most popular frameworks—Spring, JSF, Struts, and Tapestry—giving you all you need to incorporate Ajax into your everyday work and become an Ajax expert!

By Nathaniel T. Schutta
Ryan Asleson
ISBN: 1-59059-677-3
336 pp.

Table Of Contents
CHAPTER 1 What Is Ajax?
The Rise of the Web Application
And Then There Was Ajax
The XMLHttpRequest Object
Methods and Properties
An Example Interaction
Avoiding Common Gotchas
Ajax Patterns
The Fade Anything Technique (FAT)
Auto Refresh
Partial Page Paint
Draggable DOM

CHAPTER 2 Development Tools
JavaScript Source Code Editor
NetBeans JavaScript Plug-in
JavaScript Compression and Obfuscation
The Dojo Toolkit’s JavaScript Compressor
Inspecting a DOM Structure
Mouseover DOM Inspector
Debugging Ajax Requests
NetBeans HTTP Monitor
Firefox FireBug Extension
JavaScript Logging
JavaScript Debugging Tools
Using Venkman
Testing Tools

PART 2 Libraries and Toolkits
CHAPTER 3 Java-Agnostic Toolkits
Working with Forms
Manipulating the DOM
Try: Simplified Browser Detection
Ajax Support
Dojo Toolkit
Taconite on the Client Side
Taconite on the Server
Getting Started with Taconite

CHAPTER 4 Java-Specific Frameworks
Installation Verification.
JavaScript Templates.
The Ajax “Killer Application”
AjaxTags Autocomplete Component.
Other Options

PART 3 Web Frameworks
CHAPTER 5 Struts and Ajax
Struts Design
Ajax Validation
Struts Validation
Struts and Ajax Integration
Ajax-Powered Validation
Implementing Struts
Struts and Ajax Design Considerations
The Future of Struts.
Struts 1.3 and Beyond
Struts Shale
Struts Ti

CHAPTER 6 Tapestry
What Is Tapestry?
Getting Started
Calling the Server
Tapestry Forms
Tapestry Exceptions
Tapestry and Ajax
Tacos Components
Setting Up Tacos.
Using a Component
Enabling Debug Information
Modifying the Form Example.

CHAPTER 7 Spring and Ajax
What Is Spring?
Just Another Framework?
Aspect-Oriented Programming and Dependency Injection
Getting Started with Spring
Ajax and Spring.
The Inventory Control Application

CHAPTER 8 JavaServer Faces
What Is JSF?
Getting Started with JSF
Dynamic Navigation
JSF Taglibs
Validating and Converting
Developing JSF Applications with an IDE
Other JSF Technologies
Apache Tomahawk
The JSF Life Cycle
Restore View
Apply Request Values.
Process Validation
Update Model
Invoke Application.
Render Response
JSF and Ajax
JSF Ajax Components

Sample Chapter: Ch. 01 - What is Ajax?

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