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Monday, July 10, 2006

Opera Looking For Developer Input For Opera 10

After the successful release of Opera 9 and its record number of downloads, Opera is moving right along with the next version of the browser.

Opera, this week, will be working on the initial product roadmap for the next version of the desktop browser, and is looking to its users for input. In particular, Opera is looking to prioritize what features Opera users, especially web developers, are craving.

Operawatch has asked the question and almost 400 people have responded.
Here are some of the things that people want in the next version of Opera

Update Manager
Something similar to Places (in Minefield)
Feed Manager similar to Flock (Flock’s builds on Safari’s)
Option to increase only Text Size (via Site Prefs)
Improve Search Plugin Manager (Move them up and down, try Search Engine Ordering Extension for Firefox)
Build on Site Preferences (make every option such as Page Zoom Site Specific)
This may not be possible, but add a cooler icon or just make the O look better.
Ability to subscribe to Filter Lists in Content Blocker
Resizable Search Box
Doing something with favicons (It’s annoying when you use all your favicons for the Bookmarks and Search Plugins just because you cleared your Cache)
Easter Eggs
New Password Saving Feature described by Myk Melez here
Similar to “I’m Feeling Lucky” in the Address Bar.
Animation when you create or close or reorder tabs.
Something similar to Live Bookmark and Microsummaries (to quickly just glance at the news)

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