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Sunday, July 02, 2006

France Master Zidane Shows Brazil How To Play Joga Bonita

The only 'Brazilian' player yesterday was Zinedine Zidane, Zizou showed his class and I am sad that he is stopping after this World Cup. What happened to Brazil? They gave France and especially Zidane too much respect. I was like watching the 1998 final all over again. The picture says it all, just look at Ronaldo's face and look at Zidane, he is just laughing at them.
Let's see what some of the players had to say

Zinedine ZIDANE (FRA)
We kept things tight and closed ranks. Physically, we were able to keep going until the end and we've come away with a deserved victory once again. Now, we're going to try and win that Trophy. I've got no intention of stopping now. It's just so amazing!

I’m very sad, very disappointed with this defeat. We had plans to go much further, but it didn’t happen. France were the better team, and when all’s said and done, that’s football. We are proud of how we battled and what we sacrificed in order to get this far. France didn’t surprise us. We knew that they were a great team, and they showed that. They played great football, intelligent football that got the better of us.

There’s no point looking around for excuses. France played better than us. They didn’t have a lot of chances, and their goal came from a set-piece, but once they scored it was very difficult for us to turn it round. I think that the team as a whole didn’t play well tonight. Robinho made a difference when he came on, and he tried to give us a lift, but now we have to accept the criticism and start to get the young players ready for the next World Cup. We didn’t play as Brazil can.

Life is a learning curve. We learn when we win, but you also learn when you lose. It was my first World Cup and I’m sad because I didn’t manage to become a world champion.

I’m just lost in the moment. I don’t like making plans for the future. I’m sad because we made a lot of people cry, including my family. Now it’s time to think about our club teams again in order to carry on doing well for the national team. I don’t think that there was any problem with our preparation. France were the better team, end of story. It hurts more when you don’t play. I’m much more nervous than when I’m playing.

We lost because we didn’t impose our style of play on them at any stage. Right now, it’s difficult to say why that happened. If we knew, then we would have done something about it on the pitch.

It’s a good feeling to get to the semi-finals and I think that the most important thing for our team tonight was how we defended. We were like a wall and that allowed us to create some chances on goal. That made the difference. (Zinedine) Zidane showed his great experience and professionalism. Now we have some time to get ready for Portugal. We will also have to defend well in that match, and we have to give it everything we’ve got.

Thierry HENRY (FRA)
We deserved to win. Our tactics came off. It’s risky to say that we are the favourites against Portugal. The most important thing is to take one step at a time. As regards the goal, it was just a case of being in the right place at the right time. My job was just to put the ball in the back of the net. But the goal isn’t the most important thing for me. The most important thing is that we showed that we can play as a team. To play against Brazil, you mustn’t respect them too much, otherwise they can finish you off.

Patrick VIEIRA (FRA)
Our players were well spread out across the pitch, and we filled every gap. We played very well. The game was testament to the hard work we have put in up to now. We’re getting better with each match, just as in 1998. Now we are really up for it. Portugal will be difficult opponents, but we know that we can beat them.

It was a great night. We did everything that we had to do. Tomorrow we can begin to prepare and it is important that we forget this game and concentrate 100 per cent on Portugal. It was a match between two important football nations, and it was always going to be decided in the details. We managed to make the difference. I haven’t got words to describe (Zinedine) Zidane’s performance. He was like our conductor.

William GALLAS (FRA)
It was our best performance in the last two years.


Anonymous said...

"France Master Zidane Shows Brazil How To Jogar Bonito"

That would have been the correct title in Portuguese.

Jogar already means "to play", so you were repeating yourself. Besides that, bonita is the feminine form, and jogar is the appropriate verbal time.

Jogar Bonito, is not based on results, but style in playing.
You'll have a chance to watch it closely again, when Portugal plays France.

SQL said...

Fair enough, I took Joga Bonita from the Nike commercials and thought it meant the beautiful game

If Zidane plays like he played against Brazil then I doubt that Portugal will have a chance but then again everything goes right?

Anonymous said...

Fact is, tactically France had it all worked. Nine players blocking the Brazilian attack, rendring Ronaldo useless. And Zizou left free to wonder, because Brazilians had to spread out from the center and mark their men to their sides, leaving him free to dance. Witness also crazy Ribery sprinting like the devil! Goddam!
And while Robert Carlos pulled his socks up, Thiery Henry came in merciless. Ronaldinho didn't deliver. Now we understand better how he played in Spain, how when he isn't 20 meters from the goal he just can't take the heat! What a fraud! Also, Brazil had old players. Cafu just couldn't keep up, Roberto Carlos missed his passes every time.
And something happened in 15 minutes. The first 15 min Brazil was coming strong. Then they sort of sunk...It was like some sort of spell was cast...Maybe it became instantly obvious to them that their tactics wasn't gonna work. And Parreira just kept at it, hardheaded.
It's too bad. It's a shame. Brazil lost because they didn't even try!! I had never seen this in 20 years since I've been watching football! The worst Seleção in years! The Brazilians, I feel, were too influenced by the "results philosphy" you so often see in European football, and just forgot their roots. Parreira is an imbecil.
Zidane is a genius! ALLEZ LES BLEUS!!!!

BryanK said...

I just watched the game again and Zidane was far from masterful. He was barely marked yet still managed to do very little throughout the game. The only memorable thing he did besides deliver a routine free kick to an unmarked Henry was a few pretty juggles in midfield that led to nothing. Otherwise his attempts to send Henry free were all ruled offsides. A couple clever juggles and one or two passes. No truly dangerous balls through, no dribbles, no runs...

Zidane's performance in the 98 final was way more interesting. The two should not be compared.

And I wouldn't expect much from him for the rest of this world cup. Remember, he usually fails to perform in big games (was totally invisible in all 3 Champions league and Euro Cup finals, and in Euro 2000 final). All in all, probably the most overrated player of his generation, more of a "big brand" or favorite or novice football fans than a consistently great player.

I have higher hopes for Henry and Viera to be more influential against Portugal today (Viera will need another big performance, to shut down Portugal's midfield). Scolari won't give Zidane as much room to play around, and he seldom performs when tightly marked (another reason he is not world class).

Anonymous said...

This picture is from the first half idiots