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Monday, June 05, 2006

Sopranos: Lame Ending For A Lame Season

Finally this season of the Sopranos has ended. I must say that this has been the worst season yet. I started promissing when uncle Junior shot Anthony Soprano in the first episode but after that it went down the hill. The best episode was the one when Paulie finds out that his mother is not really his mother. I think the episodes withe Paulie are the best. Do you remember the "Pine Barrens" (see picture) episode? This is the episode where Paulie and Christopher get stuck in the woods without food or heat after trying to kill the Russian criminal. The 'Gay' theme with Vito got also dragged on for way too long, Artie and the problems with his restaurant was not bad for an episode. I did not like the episodes when Anthony was in a coma and he was wandering in his dreams trying to find his identity. The finale was really lame, Chrismas at the Sopranos house and A.J. brings home some girl who has a kid already. Of course meadow calls home, what a happy ending. I saved the ending of Big Love for tonight, hopefully that is better.

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