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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Ruby on Rails For DB2 Developers

IBM DeveloperWorks has a helpful howto on how to bring the worlds of Ruby on Rails and your DB2 framework together.

Ruby on Rails is an open source Web framework causing a lot of excitement among Web developers. By supporting agile development techniques and a philosophy of "convention over configuration," it has enabled many developers to radically reduce the time and pain involved in creating Web applications.

Because Rails emerged from the open source world, until recently you had to use MySQL or PostgreSQL to work with it. Now that IBM has released a DB2 adapter for Rails, it's possible to write efficient Web applications on top of your existing DB2 database investment.

This article highlights some of the things that makes Rails exceptional, explains how to get going with Rails and DB2, and leads you through your first Web application in Rails.

These are the topics covered

What's special about Ruby on Rails?
Rails as a platform
Install Rails and the DB2 adapter
Create a database for your Rails application
Create the Rails application
Create your first model
Create the user interface
What does everything do?
How does a request reach the code?
Add another model

An introduction to Ruby on Rails for DB2 developers

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