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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Google Checkout Is Here; IS ThisThe End Of PayPal?

The PayPal competitor is here: Google Checkout
If you buy something on Checkout, 2% and $0.20 go to Google. Paypal, the biggest competitor uses 1,9% and $0,30. Analysts compare Google/Paypal to for example Visa/Mastercard living peacefully together, while others predict the end of Paypal

From their site:

Find it with Google. Buy it with Google Checkout.Want a faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online? You got it.
Stop creating multiple accounts and passwords.With Google Checkout™ you can quickly and easily buy from stores across the web and track all your orders and shipping in one place.

Shop with confidence.Our fraud protection policy covers you against unauthorized purchases made through Google Checkout, and we don't share your purchase history or full credit card number with sellers.

Control commercial spam.You can keep your email address confidential, and easily turn off unwanted emails from stores where you use Google Checkout.

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