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Friday, August 18, 2006

You Want To Try Ubuntu, Fedora, Gentoo And More But Don’t Want To Install All Of Them

Let’s say you want to run a flavor of Linux bit you did not decide yet which one. What do you do? Do you install Fedora then reformat then install Ubuntu then reformat and so on until you find a distribution that you like?

No, there is an easier way!
Go to VMWare download their free VMware Player. Then choose one of the Linux distributions that are already pre-configured, point your VMware player to the config file and you are done

How easy is it?
1 Download and Install VMware Player (reboot needed)
2 Download and unpack one of the Linux Appliances
3 Start VMware Player, browse to your virtual machine configuration file (it’s in the folder where you unzipped/unrarred the Linux distro) and that’s it

Below is a list of some of the Linux versions available

Ubuntu using Xfce4 instead of gnome
294mb MB

gentoo 2006.0 advanced
the gentoo 2006.0 build with X, kde, seamonkey

OpenSUSE 10.1 - KDE
OpenSUSE 10.1 with KDE
884 MB

Ubuntu 6.06 - Standard
Ubuntu 6.06 Standard Install
808 MB

rPath SugarCRM Appliance
SugarCRM Open Source Appliance. This appliance contains the SugarCRM open source customer relationship management (CRM) package,
114 MB

rPath LAMP Appliance
LAMP Web/DB Appliance. A server appliance that features Apache, MySQL, PostgeSQL, PHP, Python, and Perl.
178 MB

rPath Apache Appliance
The Apache Appliance is built with rPath rBuilder and contains the Apache HTTP Server
73 MB

Fedora Core 6 Test 1
Fedora Core 6 Test 1, standard install
822 MB

FreeBSD 6.1, user install
Unix-like free software operating system
172 MB

Rails Appliance
Rails development environment with lighttpd,fcgi,mysql,svn,ruby,rails, and Capistrano
387 MB

Python Web Developer Appliance
includes a complete set of tools for developing and deploying web applications using Python

A complete robotics simulation environment for teaching concurrency and parallelism.
314 MB

Operating system built on FreeBSD + KDE from
578 MB

1 comment:

directionzero said...

That works - but many distros these days also have live cd versions that run right off the cd without installing anything or modifying your computer.