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Thursday, August 24, 2006

InsynQ, Inc. (INSN) Open Source CRM Application Integrates with Intuit QuickBooks

InsynQ, Inc. (INSN), a premier provider of application hosting services, online accounting solutions and services, and owners of Appgen Business Software, announced the completion of a QuickBooks integration for its CRM application, Always-ON CRM.

The Q Connector, developed by RPS Technologies, allows Always-ON CRM to scan QuickBooks and seamlessly import new customer and product data. The Q Connector automatically updates Always-ON CRM using an interactive synchronization. It brings the customer relationship management experience full-circle by tying sales and accounting together, improving process automation for each department.

According to Joanie Mann, Executive Vice President of InsynQ, "The Q Connector provides a safe and secure means to keep accounting and operational personnel connected and working on the same information. Users who once needed desktop applications and access to accounting data now need only run the Web-based CRM system to get to the information they need to get their jobs done. By coupling the Web-based CRM application with hosted QuickBooks, we can now offer the entire enterprise a complete Always-ON delivery for their accounting, sales and service personnel."

Stacey Robinson, President of RPS Technologies, says, "Many of our clients needed a way to connect their accounting and CRM systems, but also wanted to have a completely 'on-demand' solution for it all. With the Q Connector, Always-ON CRM, and hosted QuickBooks, InsynQ can now offer the market a complete, turnkey solution."

There should only ever be one point of entry for important customer data, and the sales team should not have to work in the accounting system to obtain it. With the Q Connector, customer data entry in Always-ON CRM is automated and available in real-time. But this tool goes further than just synchronizing customer data; it also integrates inventory and pricing data. Inventory items that are stored in QuickBooks import into Always-ON CRM as products. Like customer data, it is automatically updated when any changes are made in QuickBooks.

The Q Connector has other useful features including a tool that maps sales reps to their CRM prospects and accounts, so sales reports can help measure productivity and success for each rep. Another feature sends closed and accepted sales quotes from Always-ON CRM to QuickBooks as sales invoices, once again automating the sales process.

For first-time users, a one-click import synchronizes Always-ON CRM with QuickBooks. There is no other software required, making implementation simple and fast. Q Connector is available to connect InsynQ hosted QuickBooks applications and data securely to the InsynQ Always-On CRM system, but can also be implemented for QuickBooks running on the local PC.

InsynQ demonstrates their ability to continually add value to their service model by introducing new, innovative and feature-rich applications and services through Always-ON services ( and through their e-Accounting business (

About InsynQ

InsynQ has been delivering outsourced software application hosting and managed IT services since 1997. InsynQ allows business customers to "turn on" their software applications and workstations instantly through any web enabled computer, regardless of operating system. What's more, InsynQ subscribers can freely access their software and data from any computer, anywhere in the world. The company also offers IT and network integration consulting, multimedia development, a broad range of business application services, and infrastructure management services. For more information, visit us at or call us at (253) 284-2000.

About RPS Technologies

RPS Technology is a technology-consulting firm headquartered in Cary, NC that specializes in custom software development, systems integration and network engineering. For more information, contact RPS Technology at 1 (866) 592-9100 or visit the website at

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