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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

X-Tend, the Belgian Linux and Open Source company, announces a partnership with XenSource Inc.

X-Tend has been an early Xen adopter and has been deploying the Xen based infrastructure for many customers for over a year. Today X-Tend announces an extension to the partnership with XenSource, by joining the XenSource Partner Program and becoming a XenSource Solution Provider (XSP). This partnership will allow X-Tend customers access to XenSource's XenEnterprise virtualization platform, the enterprise version of Xen.

The Xen hypervisor is the industry-standard open source infrastructure virtualization software created and maintained by the founders of XenSource and developed collaboratively by 20 of the world’s most innovative data center solution vendors. Xen allows multiple virtual server in stances to run concurrently on the same physical server, with near native performance and per-virtual server performance guarantees. The technology is being adopted world wide in enterprise data centers to increase server utilization, support server consolidation, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Via its partnership with XenSource, X-Tend will be able to provide customers with even better support. XenEnterprise will enable X-Tend to speed the deployment and ease the management of guest operating systems. X-Tend will be providing customers with support, coaching and formalized Xen training.

Kris Buytaert, CTO from X-Tend said:”Our customers are already experiencing the stability and flexibility of Xen. We've been working with both the Cambridge and the US XenSource team on a technical level and with this partnership we can now further extend our good experiences with the XenSource team to our customers.”

Roger Baskerville, Channel Director Europe, Middle East and Africa for XenSource commenting on the announcement said: “X-Tend were an important Systems Integrator for XenSource to recruit because of their Open Source expertise and complementary partnerships they already have in place in the Benelux. We are delighted to have them on board.”

About X-Tend: X-Tend stands for over 10 years of Linux experience. Our consultants have been using the Linux Kernel since its pre 1.0 version and have helped Linux to become the stable and secure platform it is today. X-Tend employs multiple certified engineers, and supports all the major Linux distributions. X-Tend combines long time technical experience with insightful architectural knowledge, all our consultants have a strong background in different fields and apply their technical Open Source knowledge to these fields. X-Tend employees contribute to open source and are frequently invited to speak at international conferences. X-Tend is Red Hat Business Partner, MySQL Partner and Novell Platinum Partner and has been so for years.

About XenSource: XenSource, Inc. develops the leading enterprise grade platform virtualization solution. XenEnterpriseTM, based on the industry's highest performance virtualization technology, the open source XenTM hypervisor. Founded and run by the Xen development team, XenSource products allow enterprises to realize the TCO savings that result from server consolidation,increased utilization, and reduced complexity in the data center. For more information, visit:

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