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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Yahoo! Developer Network Launches Python Developer Center

Yahoo Developer Network has launched the Python Developer Center

They have the following things:

HOWTO Articles
Get comfortable using Python with Yahoo! Web Services
Make Yahoo! Web Service REST calls with Python
Cache API calls using Python
Parse JSON using Python
Parse XML using Python
Access the Yahoo! Search APIs using pYsearch
Access Yahoo! RSS feeds using Python

Useful resources
Definitive Python information from the web is the home of Python on the Web.
The Python Cookbook is a collection of useful Python code snippets.
The Python Package Index offers a wide range of open-source Python packages for easy installation.
The Python DevCenter has a large archive of articles and tutorials about Python.
The Daily Python-URL is a frequently updated source of Python community news.
Planet Python tracks numerous Python developer weblogs.

Educational Sites
Extensive learning resources
The official Python Tutorial offers a succinct introduction to the language.
Dive Into Python is a free book designed to help people with prior programming experience learning Python. It is also available in dead-tree format.
How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python uses Python to teach computer science concepts.

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