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Monday, April 10, 2006

Xandros Server To Be Released May 1 2006

What does Xandros Server offer?
Xandros Server – Standard Edition combines the power, features and functionality of Linux services with the simplicity of Windows Server Administration. This unique combination delivers unrivaled value and is a clear choice for any server administrator, regardless of Linux experience. Compatible with existing Windows Domain and networking infrastructure, Xandros servers seamlessly deliver the benefits of Linux.

Powerful Linux Services
Xandros Server combines a vast suite of powerful Linux services, which meet the demands of the enterprise and deliver ease-of-use, essential to small and medium businesses.

Xandros Managed Community
The Xandros Managed Community revolutionizes server management, automating many tasks and presenting a simplified, centralized approach to administering a server environment. Creating an integrated environment where each service is aware of the others, the Xandros Managed Community’s graphical wizards notify the administrator when a change to one service impacts others, prompting configuration as needed.

Simplified Administration
The Xandros Management Console (xMC) provides a graphical interface/control panel for easy access and configuration of services. Similar to the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) in both look and feel, but superior in usability, xMC ensures a seamless transition for Windows Server Administrators, without having to develop any new skills.

Complete Groupware Solution
Included in the Xandros Server is a groupware solution that provides advanced email, calendaring, full-function MS Outlook support, wireless email/PIM, and group scheduling. Combined with the Xandros Managed Community, the integrated service delivers a more powerful groupware solution than Microsoft Exchange alone.

Protect Critical Data
Integrated with the Xandros Server is a powerful, enterprise-class backup solution. Through the Xandros Management Console, administrators can protect and backup critical data on both server and desktop computers with ease.

Windows Interoperability
Xandros has applied its award-wining Windows interoperability to the Server. Seamlessly integrating with Windows environments, Xandros Server can be a member of a Windows Domain, or serve as a Windows Domain controller, providing services to all computers on the network.

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