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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Digg vs Slashdot (Digg vs Dot)

What is digg vs dot?
digg vs dot is a simple website that was put together to highlight the act of crossposting articles among two very popular sites, and

As of now the score is 22-15 in the favor of Digg

Check the site to see current results

technopedia has also an interesting article

I will just list the Feature part form that article here:
"If I go deeper in this topic, I would require more than 1 page to analyze each feature. I will try to be brief and stick to the major features on both websites.

In slashdot, there are a number of user features which are quite attractive. Any user can maintain his/her journal. A user can have friends and foes on slashdot which raises some eyebrows. It is a nice feature to possess for an interactive website. The messaging system, although not a two way communication is still weighty.

Slashdot features different subdomains which carry different topics. Some examples are apple, book reviews, games etc. This is a very important part of segregating the news according to our interests. My favorite one is the ask slashdot. It is a forum in which you would ask a question and people would answer your question/discuss on it. It is similar in nature to Google Scholar. Slashdot is popular for the polls it runs as well.

Slashdot not only brings the news but they know how to transform the traffic monetarily. Slashdot (OSTG) owns several services which are advertised on slashdot and it is a good smart strategy. I don’t blame them.

Digg may not be abundant in features compared to slashdot but they have some unique features as well. You could segregate your dugg articles, submitted articles and commented articles. You can view the same three sections for all other users. This is annoying at times. Digg tends to be more Christian in making friends and not foes. The articles that your friends digg are marked to distinguish from others. There is a section which displays your personal profile along with your ranking on digg and interestingly enough, the number of times people have viewed your personal profile.

The feature that I like the most on digg is the Digg Spy. If you want to know what is currently hot on digg and what is getting dugg a lot, you need to check this out. It is like a stock market screen which keeps moving with the number of diggs and the article names. It even shows you if an article has been reported or not."

You can read the rest at technopedia

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