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Friday, April 07, 2006

BIGGU: Big In Japan Web2.0 Toolkit Site

I stumbled upon this great Web2.0 toolkit site named Big In Japan (
What is Big In Japan?
Big in Japan is an integrated toolkit for prosumer bloggers. Say your own social media projects are taking off, but you're overwhelmed with the mechanics of running, tracking and promoting your sites

From their site: "We started off by building little widgets that helped us in our daily Web lives (for our consultancy Weblogs Work and our own blog projects). We built a URL shortener with Web 2.0 features called elfURL. And some other things. Then we decided that it would be even better to have an integrated workbench so we could mash up widget functionality as we liked. Enter Big in Japan is a set of Ruby on Rails apps touched up with with Ajaxian gee whiz-ardry. Built to mash."

The tools that are offered:

The simplest way to create, host & list your podcast with Odeo & iTunes. Special, super sexy features included. Check it out.

Mash up a monster feed. FrankenFeed makes it so easy to combine multiple feeds, it's scary.

A big idea for small URL's. Shrink giant URL's (think Amazon), tag them, get stats, take control. Web2.0 version of tinyurl

Let your readers take your feeds to go -- RSS delivered to Instant Messengers!

Push one button to update multiple ping servers, letting everyone know about your latest content. Supports RSS Ping 1.0 standard.

And coming soon:

Save and/or share your OPML files. You work hard putting those reading lists together, so keep them safe with Feedvault.

Some people are so about the email. Maybe they don't know RSS from Atom. Keep them up to date via MailFeed.

Some people are so about the email. Maybe they don't know RSS from Atom. Keep them up to date via MailFeed. (Launch Pending)

Roll all your key stats into one central location. Feedburner, Google Adwords, Overture, Amazon Associates, Blogging Tools, in addition to all your Big In Japan stats.

So give them a try by clicking here

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