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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Mathematical LEGO Sculptures

There are some extremely impressive LEGO constructions on the web. There are people who build elaborate castles, people who make huge train layouts, people who make vehicle reproductions, and a few who specialize in large sculptures. Eric Harshbarger (http:/ is the undisputed champion of this subgenre and has made life-size figures, a grandfather clock, and even a desk out of LEGO. Henry Lim ( has made, among other things, a 14-foot stegosaurus and a full-size working harpsichord from LEGO bricks

Now here is a person who is building mathematical LEGO sculptures
Some of the things this person has build are
A LEGO Möbius band
The figure-eight knot
A hinged Klein bottle.
A Costa surface

Visit the site to see the LEGO pictures and read more about it

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