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Monday, April 17, 2006


By Scott Mattocks, 392 pp.
Apress has published their latest PHP book.
PHP is gaining positive reputation for its system administration and client-side application development capabilities. This administration and development is accomplished using the PHP-GTK extension. You can take advantage of client-side applications by implementing language bindings for the GTK—the GIMP Toolkit—a library for creating cross-platform graphical user interfaces.

Pro PHP-GTK acts as both a definitive reference and a hands-on tutorial to the PHP-GTK extension. The book couples the extension's key topics with practical examples to guide you through a real-world project: developing a database-driven client-side inventory manager. You’ll also learn how to integrate this feature with other emerging technologies like SOAP and RSS, and how to generate XML-based interfaces.

Below is the table of contents

CHAPTER 1 Introducing PHP-GTK
CHAPTER 2 Installing PHP-GTK
CHAPTER 3 Understanding PHP-GTK Basics
CHAPTER 4 Handling Events and Signals
CHAPTER 5 Getting an Application Up and Running
CHAPTER 6 Laying Out Applications
CHAPTER 7 Displaying and Collecting Simple Data
CHAPTER 8 Using Multiline Text
CHAPTER 9 Working with Trees and Lists
CHAPTER 10 Scrolling
CHAPTER 11 Adding Menus and Toolbars
CHAPTER 12 Adding Images
CHAPTER 13 Drag-and-Drop
CHAPTER 14 Using Selectors & Dialogs
CHAPTER 15 Doing Background Work
CHAPTER 16 Changing the Look and Feel
CHAPTER 17 Distributing PHP-GTK Applications

Sample chapter 3 can be found here

The Amazon link is here

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