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Friday, January 20, 2006

wxPython Released

Download it here

Some of the Changes:

wxMSW: Fix for bug #1211907, popup menu indenting inconsistent with bitmaps.

wxMac: Don't send an event for wx.RadioButton deselections, just the selections. This was done to make it consistent with the other platforms.

wxMSW: Always set flat toolbar style, even under XP with themes: this is necessary or separators aren't shown at all.

Fixes for bug #1217872, pydocview.DocService not correctly initialized.

Fix for bug #1217874, Error in parameter name in DocManager.CreateView.

Added wrappers for the wx.RendererNative class.

Added the wx.lib.splitter module, which contains the MultiSplitterWindow class. This class is much like the standard wx.SplitterWindow class, except it allows more than one split, so it can manage more than two child windows.

1 comment:

em said...

It's a good toolkit, I just wish wxGlade were more mature, cause it's missing most of the widgets..