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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Joshua Schachter ( Interview

The creator of has big plans for his innovative social tagging site but has no regrets about selling it to Yahoo

Even though Joshua Schachter was rumoured to be about $30m richer, this was far from his best Christmas. Just nine days after Yahoo bought his company, Delicious (, and at a time when all eyes were on it, the power failed - leading to a service outage that meant 31-year-old Schachter had to work all hours to fix the site's technical emergencies.
Small wonder that when I got in touch, the guy who invented one of the hottest new ideas online - and just sold it for a personal fortune - couldn't have sounded more miserable. Online, the gossip was about how much he sold for, and the reach of "user tagging", the idea that Delicious introduced. But Schachter, the site's creator, mainly sounded relieved to have the $57bn corporation taking over.

Why? Because from Delicious's inception in September 2003 until the founding of the actual company last March, he did most of the work himself. At times, it was incredibly stressful. "It would crash occasionally, and it would largely stay down until I could deal with it, but often it would happen while I was trying to get on planes. So I would be sitting on a plane trying to login from my PDA."

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