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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Criticize Digg/Reddit Rip-off Shoutwire And Your Posts Are Removed

I went to this site Shoutwire and decided to try it out
I put 2 posts on Shoutwire one that was a link to Google Interview Questions and the other was a link to SQL Server Tips, Tricks and Performance Tuning. My first impression of the site was that it was just a complete Digg and reddit rip-off, but I wanted to try it out and see what would happen. I did get a couple of hits here and there but nothing special.
A couple of days later I blogged about Shoutwire and Blogreporter being digg and reddit rip-offs. Then some person left a coment that I was a moron and that shoutwire just started the other day and that’s why nobody is using it yet. So anyway I checked Shouwire this morning to see what was going on and surprise…my posts are gone. First I thought maybe they remove them after 2 weeks or so but then I checked and saw posts that were 10 weeks old. Needless to say that I won’t go to that site again, first of all the site is a complete copy and second they remove posts from people who criticize them, what a losers


Anonymous said...

I think this blog says it all.

Apparently they're kicking ass.

tim said...

So what if they are like these other sites? Quit your whining.