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Sunday, January 15, 2006

digg ripoffs

I have been using digg for a while now and happened to find out that there was a rip-off called shoutwire. The site is basically a complete copy. Today I stumbled on 2 more; one of them is blogreporter ( and the other one is fantacular (
Don't waste your time going to these sites I have included two images in this post so that you can see immediately that it's not worth visiting these sites. The green image is from blogreporter. The top story on blogreporter has 9 votes and fantacular has 5 votes. There are no comments anywhere to be found.
Obviously almost nobody is using these sites. This reminds me of the rip-offs of that million dollar home page ( The original works because it was the first of it's kind the copycats will all fail, if you copy something you have to add to it so that it will have some incentives for people to visit. What do blogreporter and have to offer that dig doesn't have ? Absolutely nothing, they are actually worse since their user base is much smaller.


Anonymous said...

thanks for the free publicity

Joe Gamer said...

what he said.

dd said...

I registered on shoutwire but I never remember to go there. Why would I need to if I have digg? I haven't even heard of these other sites.

Anonymous said...

It's often the 2nd or 3rd runners that end up dominating the market in the end. I heard that shoutwire just passed 10,000 registered users. Not bad for a "ripoff"

Anonymous said...

Noone is using them sites because they have been launched the other week you moron.

SQL said...

If they are launched the other week then how come some of the sites are posted 67 days ago (9 weeks)
click here
and scroll to the bottom