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Friday, February 03, 2006

RIAA Sues Home Health Aide

Marie Lindor, a home health aide who has never bought, used, or even turned on a computer in her life, but was nevertheless sued by the RIAA in Brooklyn federal court for using an "online distribution system" to "download, distribute, and/or make available for distribution" plaintiff's music files, has requested a pre-motion conference in anticipation of making a summary judgment motion dismissing the complaint and awarding her attorneys fees under the Copyright Act.Request for pre-motion conference for summary judgment motion
So the RIAA is really getting out of control, how do they find people like this?

Maybe they use this method
1. Rip pages out of telephone book
2. Pin pages to the wall
3. Throw dart
4. Sue based on the result
5. Profit!!!
(6. Repeat again)

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