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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Ajax Patterns and Best Practices

Apress has just published an Ajax book: Ajax Patterns and Best Practices
This book is not just about the technical, low-level details of the APIs, but about making things happen on both the client and server sides.

This book addresses the server side with the REST protocol. REST and Ajax blend elegantly together, but REST can also be used alone, with just a computer-to-computer solution. Like Ajax, REST can be used with today's existing technologies. Millions of client computers are now Ajax-ready, and millions of servers are REST-ready.

This is an ideal book whether or not you have already created an Ajax application. Because the book outlines various patterns and best practices, you can quickly check and verify that you’re building an efficient Ajax application.

Table of contents
About the Author
About the Technical Reviewer
CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Ajax
CHAPTER 2 The Nuts and Bolts of Ajax
CHAPTER 3 Content Chunking Pattern
CHAPTER 4 Cache Controller Pattern
CHAPTER 5 Permutations Pattern
CHAPTER 6 Decoupled Navigation Pattern
CHAPTER 7 Representation Morphing Pattern
CHAPTER 8 Persistent Communications Pattern
CHAPTER 9 State Navigation Pattern
CHAPTER 10 Infinite Data Pattern
CHAPTER 11 REST-Based Model View Controller Pattern

Get sample chapter 3 (Content Chunking Pattern ) here

The Amazon link is here if you are interested in purchasing this book


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