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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dell Seeks Damages From Man Called Dell

Web designer Paul Dell is asking for donations to help him defend himself against legal action and a claim for damages from computer maker Dell, Inc.

Paul Dell has been summoned to appear before the Tribunal de Grande Instance Paris because he owns Paul uses the web address to publicise his web design business, but is accused of parasitism and unfair competition. Dell America seeks €100, 000 in damages, €50,000 for Dell France, plus another €500 for every mention of the word Dell on his website.

A posse of Paul's friends have set up a page explaining why you should support him here. Or visit Paul's own site here.

1 comment:

Steffi said...

Unreal... a man cannot use HIS OWN NAME without fear of being sued! I will never own a Dell computer... And I will be recommending to the people that I take care of their systems not to buy one either...