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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Xbox 360 Crash Fix Found

A Gamer fed up with his new Xbox 360 crashing every 20 minutes has fixed the problem by raising the power supply off the ground with some string.
Dan, from Duluth, or 'goldeneyemaster' as he is known, told the game spot forum that he thinks the main reason that the xBox 360 freezes is because the power supply overheats. The solution is to lift the power supply off the floor and allow the air to circulate better around it.
Another simple method involved getting a box with no cover and putting the power supply on the edges.
As a result, he was able to leave his machine on for a stonking seven hours without it freezing up.
Other gamers to the site report that the idea works for them too. Many of them note with relief that since it is the power supply that is clearly the problem, rather than the box itself, it should be fairly easy for Microsoft to replace.

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