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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sun Announces the Latest in Open Source Tools with the Availability of NetBeans Visual Web Pack and NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack

Sun Microsystems, Inc. (NASDAQ: SUNW), the creator of Java and Solaris software and the world's leading contributor of open source code, together with the NetBeans community, today announced the general availability of the NetBeans Visual Web Pack (derived from the award-winning Sun Java Studio Creator IDE) and the NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack.

This announcement reinforces Sun's commitment to open source its software portfolio and to promote developer productivity by packaging toolsets that allow developers to leverage emerging web technologies and more easily build native applications, all in one IDE.

"The NetBeans Packs demonstrate our support and commitment to the developer communities to deliver cutting edge technologies," said Jeet Kaul, vice president, developer products and programs, Sun. "The Packs are a great example of how NetBeans is providing a complete set of tools built on the innovative NetBeans IDE and with more than 100 listed partners and more than 11 million downloads, NetBeans continues to change the landscape of software development."

The NetBeans Visual Web Pack is available with a rich visual design-time environment and one of the industry's leading support for Ajax-enabled JavaServer Faces components. It allows developers to visually and easily develop standards-based web applications and includes drag-and-drop binding to several data services and has a Data Provider API that allows a developer to bind to any data source. The NetBeans Visual Web Pack helps developers power their build out of next generation web applications. The NetBeans Visual Web Pack is supported across many common platforms, including Solaris 10 Operating System, GNU/Linux, Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

"We are excited about Sun moving additional native software development tools into NetBeans," said Patrick Leonard, vice president, product development, Rogue Wave Software. "This expanded access will contribute great value to native language users and the new and growing NetBeans community."

The NetBeans C/C++ Development Pack has been tested with both GNU and Sun Studio-based compilers, provides support for a variety of C/C++ project types and includes a makefile wizard to ease adoption. For a more productive developer experience, the C/C++ Development Pack includes sophisticated language model features, including dynamic syntax highlighting, code completion, code folding and a class browser. With this release of the C/C++ Development Pack, developers can use the NetBeans IDE in conjunction with their specified set of compilers and tools to build native applications. The C/C++ Development Pack is supported on Solaris 10, GNU/Linux and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Developer Support and Services

Sun offers developers a complete line of developer how-to help, product support and updates, and training that reduces time and risk for the entire application lifecycle--from development through deployment through Sun's Developer Services programs ( ). Developers are also encouraged to join the Sun Developer Network Program, at no cost, by registering online at:


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