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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Zune On Sale Now!

Amazon started to sell the Zune today. If you were getting one would you get the white, black or brown one? People started creating tags already; here are some of them

defectivebydesign (91), drm (22), garbage (5), ipod killer (4), microsoft (3), aac compatible (2), beats apple (2), crap (2), gay (2), gotzuned_dot_com (2), junk (2), laughable (2), weak (2), apple (1), buggy (1)

Try to guess which ones were made by Microsoft haters?

It's going to be a busy tech month. The Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii are also coming out this month. The PS3 has just been released in Japan. What you might find interesting, however, is that among those 80 000 happy PS3 owners was at least one who decided it was his or her sacred mission to crack this puppy open for a peek inside.

Click on the link below to see the pics

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