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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Scott A. Edwards [] The Blog Spammer Of The Week

Scott A. Edwards is the pimp spam master of the week
Here is a guy who would pimp all kinds of crap to you. He has left at least 100 comments. I remove them right away since I get an email once a comment has been made

Here is one of his so called 'comments'

Check this out for FREE...

This opportunity says:

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Don't you think he as a kind of mischievous look like Jack Nicholson in The Shining? I can spot a little smile ( he mast be thinking he will make millions by leaving comments all over the place)


Celko said...

He looks like that junkie Artie Lange.

Tarwn said...

You might want to increase the font size on your site temporarily. Apparently he has difficulty with normal font-sizes, noticeable on the two sites his email address shows up on: Google Link

AlexCuse said...

I am just jealous that his pyramid scheme is going so well. Too bad his social life does not seem to be doing the same...