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Monday, September 11, 2006

Pike Conference 2006 to be held this October in Riga, Latvia

Conference to feature a four day programming tutorial and the release of the first Pike book, "Pike: An Introduction."

Calling all Pike users and web application developers!

The annual Pike language conference will be held at the University of Latvia in Riga, October 18th-22nd, 2006.

Users and developers of all levels of experience are invited to beautiful Riga, Latvia to attend the year's biggest Pike event. Presentation and workshop topics will include the Caudium, Open sTeam and Roxen web servers, LPC and many other Pike-related tools. This year's conference will feature a daily Beginner's Tutorial and the unveiling of the new book, "Pike: An Introduction." The book's editors, H. William Welliver III and Martin Bähr, will be on hand to sign copies and answer questions.

The Call for Papers and Registration are open and can be found at:

About the Pike Language
While the Pike programming language and its predecessors have provided the "heavy lifting" of many Internet services for almost two decades, it is only now receiving the attention it deserves. Pike made its mark on the World Wide Web as the foundation for the powerful Roxen web server, and has since expanded its reach to the desktop. Pike is best known as the foundation for the Roxen and Caudium web servers and the Open sTeam collaborative learning platform, but has expanded into all areas of computing.

Pike is a open source, dynamic, object-oriented language with a C-like syntax. It is strictly and loosely-typed, and like Java, is converted to byte code by its interpreter prior to execution. Pike offers a compelling alternative to Java, Python, Perl, PHP and Ruby for writing multiprotocol Internet applications.

The Pike language:
The Caudium web server:
The Open sTeam platform:

About the University of Latvia

The University of Latvia ( ) opened its doors in 1919 after Latvia declared its independence, and is Latvia's top academic institution. The Pike Conference 2006 is being organized with the University of Latvia Linux Centre (, which will be celebrating its one year anniversary one week before the conference. The Linux Centre exists to serve three functions: to popularize Free and Open Source software and break the stereotype that it is only for use by computer specialists; to serve as a repository of open source knowledge and tools; and finally, to distribute open source software in Latvia via mirrors and a software directory.

About the Republic of Latvia

Latvia is a new EU member state and was one of the most technologically-advanced regions of Europe prior to World War 2. It is the birthplace of the Minox miniature camera and once had the most sophisticated telephone network in Europe. Its capital Riga is one of the architectural gems of Northern Europe, and its beautiful countryside is endowed with many remarkable palaces and castles. For more information, visit

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