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Friday, September 01, 2006

David Heinemeier Hansson (Ruby On Rails) VS Joel Spolsky (Joel On Software)

I am going to enjoy this little ‘war’
Joel Spolsky wrote an entry called Language Wars where he claimed that Ruby on Rails is not scalable, is slow and that there is not a lot of experience in the world building mission critical web systems in Ruby on Rails

To that David Heinemeier Hansson posted on his blog the following

"It's one of the purest forms of FUD I've ever seen against Ruby and Rails.

I for one am scared of Ruby because (1) it displays a stunning antipathy towards Unicode and (2) it's known to be slow, so if you become The Next MySpace, you'll be buying 5 times as many boxes as the .NET guy down the hall. Those things might eventually be get fixed but for now, you can risk Ruby on your two-person dormroom startup or your senior project, not for enterprise stuff where Someone is Going to Get Fired.

I'm really not sure that you won't hit scaling problems, or problems interfacing with some old legacy thingamabob, or problems finding programmers who can understand the code, or whatnot. So while Ruby on Rails is the fun answer and yes I've heard of 37 Signals and they're making lovely Ruby on Rails apps, and making lots of money, but that's not a safe choice for at least another year or six.

Ruby is a beautiful language and I'm sure you can have a lot of fun developing apps it in, and in fact if you want to do something non-mission-critical, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun, but for Serious Business Stuff you really must recognize that there just isn't a lot of experience in the world building big mission critical web systems in Ruby on Rails.

You can read the Spolsky article here
You can read the David Heinemeier Hansson piece here

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