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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

AOL Launches Open APIs for Xdrive Allows Developers to Enhance Their Websites with Online Storage, Rich Media Management and Sharing

XdriveAOL today announced the availability of Open Xdrive (available at, a free, publicly available API that allows developers to create rich media management and sharing experiences for their Website users. With Open Xdrive, consumers can upload, organize, and share all file types – photos, videos, music, and documents – from any Website. All files are stored to and accessed from the consumer’s personal Xdrive online storage account.

Xdrive®, a free service available to all Web users at, manages an online storage platform that provides consumers with 5GB of free storage without limiting file size or bandwidth consumption. Upgrades to 50GB accounts are available for $9.95 per month. Xdrive is a Verisign Secure Site, and provides password protection for all sessions and stored assets. Xdrive’s high volume network and horizontally scalable processor complex provide the performance and reliability that consumers demand.

“Rich media management and online storage increases engagement. Giving consumers the ability to share their media assets help Website owners build awareness and increase their audience,” said David Liu, Senior Vice President of AOL Portals. “By utilizing each consumer’s complimentary 5GB Xdrive account, a Website owner can benefit from these capabilities without incurring the usual infrastructure, operations, and development costs.”

Open Xdrive® APIs have been created for rapid application development. The JSON-based interface can be accessed by both Web and desktop applications. Open Xdrive has the native capabilities to perform the full range of functions that an application requires to deliver rich media and sharing capabilities. Full documentation, an interactive development environment, and a set of reference applications allow developers to rapidly become proficient with Open Xdrive.

The AOL Developer Network provides third-party developers with direct access to AOL’s technology platforms and open APIs. For more information about available open APIs, tools and documentation for services such as Open AIM®, Web AIM®, Open Xdrive®, AIM® Pages, AOL® Video Search powered by Truveo®, MapQuest®, Winamp® and others, please visit

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